About Us

We are a Canadian company dedicated to researching and producing products made from the medicinal properties of our proprietary extract, AME-1.

Our Ethos

People & Planet

Psyched Wellness was created with the purpose of benefitting the health of people, and the planet.


Our business model is built on an ethos of regenerating our environment and society.


Sustainability is at our core, and we work with local foragers in various jurisdictions to harvest our mushrooms responsibly.

Our Vision

We want to improve the quality of everyday life. We are dedicated to harnessing nature's healing properties to nurture healthier, happier lives.

Ethical Sourcing

The mushrooms we use are hand picked and harvested by a network of experienced local foragers across Europe and North America, where they grow abundantly. Only a portion of the mushrooms are harvested to make regrowth easier in the future.

Exclusively Ours

Try Calm, our natural supplement created using our proprietary extract AME-1.