Psyched Wellness Announces Completion of Its 90 Day Oral Toxicity Study

Toronto, Ontario, December 6, 2021 – Psyched Wellness Ltd. (CSE:PSYC, OTCQB:PSYCF, FRANKFURT:5U9) (the “Company” or “Psyched”) a life sciences company focused on the production and distribution of artisanal functional and psychedelic mushrooms, is pleased to announce that further to the please release dated June 28, 2021, the 90-day oral toxicity study has been completed.

KGK, the Company’s CRO partner, is now completing the 28-day recovery period, after which a tissue histopathology examination and final report will follow.

A full toxicology report of the 90-day oral repeat-dose study with AME-1 and final histopathology report is expected by mid-January 2022.

“The completion of the 90-day oral toxicity study is a major milestone for Psyched as it provides critical scientific data for the determination of safe dosage levels of AME-1, from which all of our consumer products will be derived as we prepare to launch them to market next year,” said Jeffrey Stevens, CEO of Psyched. “Although we are waiting for the final report, we are pleased to share that there was no mortality or morbidity of any of the test rodents during the study and we look forward to providing the full toxicology and histopathology reports early next year.”

The study examined the effects of Amanita Muscaria on rodents and involved a repeated dose 90-day oral toxicity study of AME-1. The new data will provide information on the major toxic effects, indicate target organs and the possibility of accumulation of test chemical, and can provide an estimate of a no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL) of exposure which can be used in selecting dose levels for chronic studies and for establishing safety criteria for human exposure.