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Psyched Wellness is led by a strong team of experts, and currently engaged in Pre-Clinical Trials of AME-1, its proprietary extract of Muscimol.


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Capital Structure

Common Shares135,514,695
Fully Diluted Issued and Outstanding172,276,060

The company has identified a path to market and is on track to commence commercialization of AME-1 derived products for the first half of 2022.

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Why Invest in Psyched Wellness?


First to Market

Psyched Wellness is the first company to bring the Amanita Muscaria to the market for human consumption in a standardized and safe product

Proven Product

The product is backed by science, patented, and trademarked to Psyched Wellness


We plan to have sustainable revenue from 2022 onwards

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Company Overview

Psyched Wellness Ltd. Is a Canadian-based Life Sciences company focused on the research and development of a legal psychedelic mushroom called Amanita Muscaria. The company’s objective is to create premium mushroom-derived products that have the potential to become a leading North American brand in the emerging functional food category.

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